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One Fort Worth's runner 1st person account of the Boston Marathon tragedy

Boston-explosions.0_standard_352.0Chimene Fikkert said she thought the explosion came from the sky. 

"Like it was a helicopter," she said.

Fikkert had just finished her first Boston Marathon when about seven minutes after crossing the finish line she heard the first explosion.

"I turned around when I heard it and we were just all so stunned," she told me today in a phone interview from her hotel in Boston. "The volunteers kept saying, 'Keep moving Don't stop.' It's scary. You could clearly understand if there was mass panic. But there wasn't any. The explosions went off one right after the other."

According to reports, 22 people were injured in the explosions and two were killed.

This report says a suspect has been ID'd and is under guard at a Boston hospital.

Fikkert was competing with a group of friends from Fort Worth in the Boston Marathon. She said all of her friends in the group, which numbered four, have been accounted for and are OK. She said she thought one of her friends was crossing right as the bomb went off, while another was "stuck" on Mile 26.

"Everyone around the area was walking; no one was running," Fikkert said. "I was supposed to meet everybody at the family area after the race, but I said, 'I'm going to my hotel.""

Fikkert is a doctor in the area. She said this had really not hit her yet when we spoke, which was a couple of hours after the bomb went off.

This was Fikkert's 13th marathon. She said she and the group from Fort Worth are scheduled to return home on Tuesday morning.

"It's so sad when you think this stuff happens in the world," she said.

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