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Punishment fit Tiger's "crime"

Tiger-drop_-the-masters-second-round-4_3_r536_c534The many golf anal-ists of the world will have you believe that not only should Tiger Woods have been disqualified from the 2013 Master's for his golfing goof but banned from the sport all together.

On the same day an 8th grader was penalized a stroke for slow play, his highness of golf committed the unpardonable sin of an erroneous drop. Hope this is in the next version of EA's Tiger Woods video game.

According to PGA rule 33-3Brd of the subset Q of the category BY12, Tiger's sinful drop merited not a disqualification but a two-stroke penalty. Click here you rule lovers.

That's about right. And no way should Tiger have withdrawn. You take your punishment and play through.

On Saturday morning, the progressives at Augusta National and the PGA met to determine how in the world to properly penalize the most popular, and profitable, golfer on the tour today without kicking him off the course for the final two rounds. And maybe, just maybe, a CBS exec or two or 10 had a voice in this meeting.

Golf rule lovers believe Tiger got away with one because he is Tiger. 

Had this been Lucas Glover committing the same error would he have been DQd, or given a two-stroke penalty? 

You would hope the penalty would be the same for any golfer, and given the nature of the infraction it does seem like a couple of strokes is the appropriate measure. 

Tiger screwed up, and the PGA moved him further behind the leaders.

The only thing that would make this ideal is if Tiger finishes in second on Sunday, by one stroke.


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You are right - Lucas Glover might have been DQ'd, but the TV armchair QBs would not have had the chance to critique and "alert" the authorities that there was an infraction!

If we are going to rely on fans viewing of TV for scoring and rules, we need to show every golfer, every shot.


The inevitable conclusion is that Tiger deliberately took the drop in the wrong place. The correct penalty is disqualification from the tournament but not a life ban which the committee have no power to impose anyway. Tiger is such a major draw that they took a more lenient view. I remember a prominent golfer being disqualified for his caddy's error in putting one extra club in his bag. That golfer did not need an extra club but when he noticed it he reported it himself. It was a far lesser offence because it was totally inadvertent.

smoke & mirrors

Who cares about the stupid penality. The guy choked. He is a decent golfer but let's face it; he hasn't won the Masters in 8 years! He'll be 38 next season. His time as a dominant golfer is coming to a close. Too bad he blew his talent, his edge, and his life the way he did.

happy spring

cheaters never prosper.

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