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Restaurant review: Hofmann Hots is a pricey must have hot dog

HofmannDALLAS, Texas - Having never once frequented Syracuse, New York (thank God) it is with great pleasure to enjoy one of that cities' few exports - hot dogs - without ever having to make the trip to that sunless destination.

Hofmann Hots, the loooooong time Syracuse hot dog eatery, is now a national brand. It recently opened a spot in West Dallas, just across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge on Singleton Blvd. 

The place looks like a 50s style diner; the menu is loaded with creative hot dog dishes, and more calories than you can count. This is an over-the-top hot dog eating experience; that stands to reason considering hot dog eating champ' Kobiyashi is listed as a consultant.

The bun is rich and sugary/buttery, but the hot dog itself is hearty and well done. Without all of the cute stuff, the hot dog itself is as good as you will find.

I ordered this pictured hot dog - it has bacon and a maple, pimento cheese mixture. The taste is very rich, unique, and filling. I liked it, but there are other dogs on this menu I would like to try, namely one that features avacado.

The reponses on Hoffmann Hots are varied - it's a place that people love or hate. 

IMG_2020If you don't mind spending about $10 for a hot dog, drink and a side it's good. Agreed - that's a lot for a meal anchored around a hot dog.

Hoffmann Hots is a worthy trip for hot dog enthusiasts.

Hoffmann Hots

340 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone:(214) 760-9977

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