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Restaurant review: The underrated Mijo's Fusion on Magnolia

RestaurantImgFORT WORTH, Texas - Foodies in this area may long for the best town in Texas to eat - Houston (sorry Austin, just bein' real), but there are pockets throughout FW/d that can feel decidely Austin-ish with some unique restaurants.

Count Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth as a sliver of an area with an Austin vibe. Kinda. Sorta.  If you haven't already, and are open-minded about the fusion thing, try Mijo's Fusion.

There are other two Mijo's, both in Arlington, but the one in Fort Worth is not your conventional Mexican place. This is trying the Asian-Mexican mix. This actually works.

You can either try your more conventional Mexican cuisine, and branch out to determine if Mexican and Asian food can co-exist.

For instance, the nachos are wonton chips with rice noodles and yellowfin tuna.

I tred the fried rice with meat; the green rice is not dried out, but surprisingly effective along with the dipping sauce and the steak that has been marinaded in not too much soy sauce.

There are no less than four other dishes here I want to try, most notably:
* Tequila wasabi tuna tower
* Green chile chicken lasagna
* Venezuela paella
* Korean short rib tacos

Seating with live music is available in a quaint "alley" along with some tables out front. The interior is not too dark, and modern. The wait staff is helpful, and polite with suggestions.

This is not a cheap meal, but not wallet-crushing.

I would try this again and again.


Mijo's Fusion
1109 W Magnolia Ave
Fort Worth, Texas 76104


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