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RIP - 2012-'13 Dallas Mavericks

MavsAny and all remaining suspense to the Dallas Mavericks' playoff push ended late on Tuesday night in Los Angeles with a blowout loss against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The team is 36-38, three wins behind eighth-place Utah and three wins behind the Lakers.

The suspense now is whether the Mavs can reach .500, and shave.

This will be the first Mavericks team this decade that does not make the playoffs.

How they made it this far, and this relevant, in the Western Conference playoff race despite such a limited roster is a testament to their head coach, the coaching staff, and a professional group of basketball players.

Head coach Rick Carlisle won't receive much credit in what will likely be a losing season, but this may have been his best work as a head coach second only to coaching the Indiana Pacers' brawl team.

How he kept a veteran group of players that knew the score, and their chances, from the first game of the season until now is a tribute to his ability to coach players.

Dallas+Mavericks+v+Los+Angeles+Lakers+imKJCPp2xU9lThis was not an effort issue as much as it was a talent issue, and that ultimately falls on the owner and the GM. Once Mark Cuban's decision to gut the roster and try for Deron Williams blew up this outcome was all but a foregone conclusion.

Yes, the Mavs "powder is dry" but for whom? They have all of this money under the salary cap to spend on what? 

Dirk Nowitzki has another year or two of top-tier basketball remaining. We aleady know this team should have won one more title with Dirk, but with each passing year it does appear one will be it. He's lucky - most NBA never get that. 

Under Cuban, the Mavs have become interesting and relevant; he deserves the credit. He also deserves the blame for what has become a stale product.


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Pedro in San Antonio

We sucked this year. It is amazing we were in the mix for as long as we were. If we are going to be competitive any time soon ownership needs to pull it together asap. We can be good and in the hunt for a title but we need help fast fast fast.

Richard Most in Austin

Who are you kidding??? We totally blew it this year. What a total and complete bust. We were never in the hunt for a playoff seed and the only people who had any positive energy regarding how we might do this season were the guys trying to sell tickets. We suck. I hope to god Cuban figures something out. It's depressing winning an NBA crown, be the darlings of the NBA, then go belly up. We need help. And lots of it.

dead in the water

What's funny about this article is that you could have written it at the All-Star break and then run it anytime between then and now.

Andrew in Arlington

Unless you can really bring in a big time perimeter shooter and a slasher/passer/ball handler type who is quick quick quick...or Kevin Love, you need to dump Dirk. I love him. He is a hall of famer but we need to rebuild. If we can fill out the rooster to compliment Dirk we need to move him for players soon.


"Dirk Nowitzki has another year or two of top-tier basketball remaining..."

Uh, not really. Rather apparent in LA game and performance this season once "healed". Not fair to Dirk or the fans to continue as-is.

Trade Dirk now, blow up team, rebuild for the future in 3-4 years. Make the tough call and move on.

Ooompa Loompa

Put this season squarely at the feet of one Mark Cuban. He gambled and lost. Dirk was not the reason they sucked.

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