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Si-Si! New Tex-Mex place finally ready to open

IMG_2055FORT WORTH, Texas - Two certainties in life: There is no such thing as bad free beer, and there can never, ever be enough Mexican restaurants.

Cowtown will be adding another Tex-Mex place shortly - Trevino's Comida Mexicana should be opening around the second week of May.

The location is 1812 Montgomery Street, across the street from the Fort Worth Science Museum and near the cultural area. Trevino's has one other location, in Rockwall, which has been open since 1988.

The owners have eyed Fort Worth for a while and construction on this has lasted just a bit longer than originally expected. (BTW - Is there any construction that hasn't lasted longer than originally expected?)

"We've been wanting to get this open for a while but every time we get close the city has one more thing for us to do. I don't know what else can go wrong," said the owner, Bertha Trevino. "I think it should be open the second week or so of May. That's what we are hoping for."

Seating inside will be for 30 people; there will be a larger patio area that will be good for summer or winter. It's a full restaurant with alcohol, etc.

The sour cream enchiladas, chile sauce smothered pork chops and the steak Juanito are some of the menu's more popular items.

Why can't it be the second week of May right now?

Trevino's Comida Mexicana
1812 Montgomery Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107 

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