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TCU "wins" 2010 BCS Clean National Title

269110101_041_Rose_Bowl_TCU_v_Wisconsin_BlogThe late results are in, and the 2010 TCU Horned Frogs football team that won the Rose Bowl can now submit a bid as national champions.

In 2010, the final three were:
No. 1 Auburn
No. 2 TCU
No. 3 Oregon

Of the top three, only TCU is clean. Not even a hint of wrongdoing.

All signs are pointing to Oregon will be hit for major NCAA sanctions soon. According to the report on, the program committed "one major violation" from 2008 to '11.

What with Oregon head coach Chip Kelly running like hell to coach the Philadelphia Eagles, who could possibly have seen this coming other than Pete Carroll?

But it is impressive the team was able to keep this just to one violation in four years.

This is nearly as impressive as Auburn finishing No. 1 that season with a 14-0 record, a Heisman Trophy winning QB and reportedly a load of unpunished NCAA violations. The team stayed under the cap and was able to land Cam Newton in an acquisition that was as profitable as any move in recent years in major professional college sports.

There is no way the NCAA is going to strip Auburn of its national title unless it finds the Tigers sold guns to an Eastern Europe warlord.

But now TCU can celebrate itself as the clean champions ... of course, the day's not over yet so who knows?


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