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Texas State goes daring to hire a good basketball coach

628x471Major props and hats off to Texas State and its director of athletics, Dr. Larry Teis. Rather than look for the pretty name, or some hot assistant, Teis hired a guy who wins games to be his next head basketball coach.

On Thursday, one of the most overlooked and qualified head coaches in Texas, and maybe the nation, finally got his chance at a promotion. Danny Kaspar is leaving Stephen F. Austin, a place where he has been since 2000, to take over the Bobcats.

For far too long Kaspar has been overlooked as one of the better head basketball coaches in Texas. He won at Stephen F. Austin; do you know how hard that is?

I thought when Stephen F. Austin failed to win the Southland Conference tournament finals that Kaspar (59) was going to get shutout again of landing a bigger gig.

Kaspar knows how to recruit Texas and win games. He has been at SFA since 2000 and compiled a 219-136 career record there.

He replaces Doug Davalos, who was fired after seven seasons and a 92-107 record.

This should be a win-win for both Kaspar and Texas State.

Kaspar goes to a school that is investing far more money into athletics than Stephen F. Austin ever could, and will work for an athletic department that should make men's basketball more of a priority. Expectations, at least for a little while, should be low enough to allow him time to recruit players and build something.

LTexas State is an attractive mid-major school, and easily reached between San Antonio and Austin. If Kaspar plays this right, Texas State could become a transfer-school for guys who want to be near Austin and UT but aren't quite good enough to be recruited by Rick Barnes.

Texas State is in the WAC, which is not exactly loaded with traditional basketball powers.

A great opportunity exists for both Kaspar and Texas State to take advantage of its many advantages and build a winner in San Marcos.

In this day and age, what Teis and Texas State did required courage; considering Kaspar's resume the risk should be rewarded.

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Good story. You and the rest of the media don't cover us enough. He is a good man and a good hire. Look for Texas basketball teams across the state to make a come back.

State Fan Alumni (from out of state)

He is not Larry Brown and not even close to Tubby Smith but I think he is the right hire for us. He isn't particularly flashy but I think he'll recruit some kids and maybe win a few games for us.

Martin Brett

We need a better coach. We will always play second fiddle to the big name schools in Texas until we pony up the cash and hire a brand name to build the program around. Most people outside the state don't even know we exsist.

Eat em UP!

Good article, but I want to make it clear in Athletics at Texas State the expectations are higher than ever; especially since the name change. I believe he is going to work harder than any coach we've ever had. Just hope the players buy into his system soon and the fan base is patient which they won't be.

Josh B

we are no longer in the WAC... we are moving to the Sun Belt this summer.

Bryan T.

Thanks for the press. I'm really hoping that Kaspar can bring our program back to respectability. It would be nice to go Dancing again like we did my freshman and sophmore year in 96 and 97.


He's got some great talent already waiting for him: Two great walk-on guards that are better than any talent coming out of high school or JuCo.

el gato

I think this is a great hire for us and I for one am pretty excited about this. The only thing that bothers me about this hire is Ties wasting $50k on a search firm for an instate hire that we all know we should have scooped up from the start. Hopefully, he can turn the program around and I can have a reason to watch college basketball again.

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