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Texas Tech nails what should be a lifer hire in Tubby Smith

TubbyPerhaps it's cyclical but the string of stupid hires out in Lubbock appears to be over.

The Google thingy is reporting that Texas Tech has hired Tubby Smith as its men's basketball coach. Solid move, so much better than the others.

- Bob Knight? Total headline grabbing move of an old hypocrite who didn't realize just saying "Bob Knight" did not mean kids wanted to play for him.
- Pat Knight? Tech should never, ever have let Bob quit so he could give his son a job he clearly was not qualified to accept.
- Billy Gillispie? Actually liked this one but it blew up in their face.
- Tommy Tuberville? Nice guy, spoke well on camera, and not a good fit for Lubbock.

Tech hiring Smith is consistent with the philosophy of hiring guys who want to be in Lubbock and won't leave Texas Tech - like bringing in Kliff Kingsbury to coach the football team.

Tubby may never win a national title at Texas Tech, but he should be able to recruit some kids out there and make the Red Raiders a competitive and relevant basketball program.

That's what he does. What Tubby did at Minnesota was highly underrated.

He was fired at Kentucky after he won a national title with Rick Pitino's recruits but could not repeat that success and eventually took over at Minnesota to replace Dan Monson in March of 2007.

Tubby led the Gophers to three NCAA tournaments, including this season when UM defeated sixth-seeded UCLA for the program's first tourney win since 1997. He was rewarded by being fired.

He wins a lot of games, his programs don't get in trouble, and he's a decent guy who acts as a good spokesperson for his school. At this stage in his career - he's 61 - and having bounced around several jobs and having some success since 1995, he should also be at a place in his life where he doesn't want to leave.

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Thomas J. Baker

Congratulations, Texas Tech, on a great hire that might start bringing credibility back to Texas college basketball after a pitifully, awful season throughout this state.

Thomas J. Baker

Now, maybe a few other programs can follow suit, including University of North Texas, which hired a coach who was not yet ready to fill the shoes Johnny Jones left. And Texas could use a makeover too, but that will have to wait with DeLoss Dodds running the show.

don't mess with lubbock

He's an outstanding person and a real basketball man. Texas should be proud to have him. Lubbock made a fantastic choice and is crazy lucky to have him. Look out for Tech. We will start winning asap.

Karl R.

He has been a good coach and a good guy every where he has been. Lubbock is tuff place to get kids to come to. I think he was the right hire and easily the best guy we could get. My thinking is if he can't get us over the hump then nobody can (except a super hero kid-basketball player)


Hmmm, FWST is giving Tech kudos...? The end of the world must be upon us.
Great hire Tech!!! Best of luck to the friendliest region of the great state of TECHsas and Tubby tambien!!!

UT Grad

The State of Texas, for all it's athletic talent, got totally shut out of March Madness. I thought that when SMU hired Dale Brown it really signaled a begining to an end for our state in basketball. I thought that moving forward things would start to get more competitive and get better. Well if the hiring of Dale Brown signaled things getting better, then the hiring of Tubby Smith should move things along at warp speed because this guy can coach. He is going to reshape things in Lubbock (where they will love him) and send a message around the great state of Texas that real basketball has arrived. I'm not a Tech fan but I do love good basektball and I will watch this guy and his team. I bet Tech is in the NCAA March Madness next season. He is an excellent guy and a wonderful gift for Texas players and fans.

Dee W.

Tubby Smith was NOT fired at Kentucky. He left when offered the job at Minnesota.

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