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The Big Mac Blog is now the Dallas Cowboys of sports blogs

Loser_by_mysticalphaWhat was supposed to be a weekend complete with a planned ticker-tape parade, dancing monkeys and free balloons ended in utter disappointment - The Big Mac Blog is officially a Big Fat Loser.

One year after stunning critics and Vegas oddsmakers by winning "Best Blog" in the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors awards, this same blog was shutout. Nothing. Not even a "Participation Badge."

The success went to my head, and slowly this blog became a VH1 Behind the Music: on the outside everything looked fine, but inside it was a ticking time bomb.

The Big Mac Blog is now the Dallas Cowboys of sports blogs - it was great once, but now relies on pictures of pretty girls and other shameless gimmicks in the hope that you will continue to return.

The Dallas Morning News' "DMN Opinion Blog" took home the coveted prize. Second place went to the Austin American-Statesman "McDonalds to Chocolate" and in third place was "SciGuy" by the Houston Chronicle.

According to multiple sources, the complaints about this blog included, "His picture is 'Hard on the human eye'". Another judge said, "Reading this makes me hate life." While another wrote, "What did I do to deserve this?"

The Big Mac Blog now drinks from a vat of Devastation, and she is a bitter taste indeed.

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The award givers and media might ignore you and your blog's greatness but readers and fans everywhere pledge their allegence to you and your greatness. The award, "The Best Blog in Texas" will forever be remembered as it awarded 'The Big Mac Blog' as its inagural winner and #1 son.


It's a short trip from the penthouse to the outhouse.

sally w.

You and your paper need to lobby hard for you to win this award. I love this thing. Go for it next year!


Suck it up cupcake....


Cry me a river. You have great hair. What else do you want?

award this

I'm glad you didn't win that award. That award and the bloggers that vie for it are a much bigger joke than this blog. Be glad you didn't win it. You should be more worried about your readers and the number of people that read your stuff.

DMN Opinion Blog

The first time you won was luck and nobody saw you or the award coming. You are done in the town blog boy.

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