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The Dallas Cowboys worst draft picks of all time - No. 1

As a celebration of NFL draft week, The Big Mac Blog will look back at the best and worst of the Dallas Cowboys' draft history. We will start with The Bad:

1. Billy Cannon jr., LB, Texas A&M, 1983, 25th overall pick
The son of the famous Heisman winner from LSU, Cannon jr. is easily the biggest draft bust in Dallas Cowboys history. The Washington Redskins actually had Cannon as their desired pick.

Cannon never started a game, was credited with no tackles, and appeared in just eight games before an injury forced him to retire. 

He would later sue the Dallas Cowboys, in a Louisiana court, for $9.6 million; he claimed he sustained the career-ending injury suffered in a game against the New Orleans Saints was based on negligence by the Cowboys.

Doctors had told Cannon he risked permanent paralysis if he continued to play after sustaining the injury. He claimed that he told doctors of numbness in his upper body after making tackles. The Cowboys doctors denied ever hearing such claims from Cannon.

The case was eventually settled, in 1992.

Picked immediately after: Todd Shell, LB, BYU
Picked immediately ahead of: Greg Bell, RB, Notre Dame

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I would have to think the legendary Rod Hill would be a close second.


it's gotta be Romo. but only bc he has never won a play off game and the cowboys have totally opened the vault for him


Um, we didn't draft Romo at all, much less spend a high first-round pick on him.


@martyo sorry but one of the most prolific passers in the NFL cant be labeled a bust just cause you don't like him. BTW, Romo was not drafted & he has won a playoff game but I wouldn't expect you to know this cause you clearly don't know what you are talking about.

The Noodler

It's always amusing to see the Romo haters display their flaming stupidity. Go back to watching the Kardashians or whatever morons watch and leave the Cowboys alone. Romo was not drafted; number one or otherwise.

Dan G

Quincy Carter didn't make the top 5? Unbelievable! I think we all just have selective amnesia...

The Big Mac Blog

Dan G -
You can't put Q on this list. He was a second round pick, and he actually won 10 games as a starter one season and made the playoffs. Now, it was a terrible pick for sure but given the fact he was not a first rounder he can't be a top fiver.

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