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The Dallas Cowboys worst draft picks of all time - No. 2

$(KGrHqIOKm8E6HViZe-VBOwbhkgygQ~~60_35As a celebration of NFL draft week, The Big Mac Blog will look back at the best and worst of the Dallas Cowboys' draft history. We will start with The Bad:

2. David LaFleur, TE, LSU, 1997, 22nd overall pick
Troy Aikman could not wait to pass it to LaFleur, who was going to replace Jay Novacek. Yeah .... that didn't quite take.

LaFleur was hurt all the time in his four years and caught 85 passes for 729 yards with 12 TDs. In 1999, his third year in the league, it looked as if he may break out as he caught 35 passes with seven TDs.

But the next season he battled injuries that he never could escape. As a player, he was a bit slow and was never able to command the type of presence in the middle of the field that Novcek did.

LaFleur was probably more of a fourth of fifth round type of talent whose career ended too soon because of injuries.

Picked immediately after: Renaldo Wynn, DT, Notre Dame
Picked immediately ahead of: Antowain Smith, RB, Houston 

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