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The Dallas Cowboys worst draft picks of all time - No. 3

CarverAs a celebration of NFL draft week, The Big Mac Blog will look back at the best and worst of the Dallas Cowboys' draft history. We will start with The Bad:

3. Shante Carver, DE, Arizona State, 1994, 23rd overall pick
He has the distinction of being the first draft pick in the post Jimmy Johnson era. Not that Jimmy didn't have his stinkers, but this was a major whiff as a first rounder. Shante was too thin, and not quick enough, to be a dominant defensive end. He wasn't awful, but the production never merited a first round selection.

In four NFL seasons, Carver collected 11.5 sacks. In 1995, he started three games as a backup behind Charles Haley on a team that won the Super Bowl.

Ironically, Carver's most productive NFL season came in 1997 when he had six sacks and started 16 games. Of course, that was the same year the team finished 6-10. This was Carver's last NFL season.

He played in the XFL's one year of existence, and then played for the Dallas Desperadoes of the Arena Football League to finish out his pro football career.


Picked immediately after: Rob Fredrickson, OLB, Michigan State
Picked immediately ahead of: Thomas Lewis, RB, Indiana 

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