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The Dallas Cowboys worst draft picks of all time - No. 4

BobbycarpenterAs a celebration of NFL draft week, The Big Mac Blog will look back at the best and worst of the Dallas Cowboys' draft history. We will start with The Bad:

4. Bobby Carpenter, Ohio State, LB, 2006, 18th pick
The last first round pick by Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells, the head coach knew on the first weekend of rookie minicamp this pick was a miss. Carpenter played outside linebacker in a 4-3 at Ohio State, and the transition to pro 3-4 outside linebacker never happened.

He is a very nice and professional guy, but the league appeared to be just over his head.

There was a flicker that he was going to come around at the end of his rookie year when he made some plays in a win at Atlanta, and in the playoff loss at Seattle.

The Parcells retired, and new head coach Wade Phillips was never too big on Carpenter. In four seasons with the Cowboys, Carpenter started three games and had two sacks.

He spent a little bit of time with the Miami Dolphins, and a little bit longer with the Detroit Lions.

The biggest contribution Carpenter made in a game was for the Detroit Lions against the Cowboys in Arlington. On Oct. 2, 2011, Carpenter intercepted a Tony Romo pass and returned it for a touchdown that began one of the biggest collapses in NFL history. The Cowboys led 27-3 in the third quarter when Carpenter's pick six started a comeback; the Lions won, 34-30.

Carpenter spent last season with the New England Patriots where he played two games.

Picked immediately after: Chad Greenway, LB, Iowa
Picked immediately ahead of: Antonio Cromatrie, DB, Florida State 

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cowboy love

how big of a bust can you be if you make it in the league 7 years???


There are certain expectations that coming with being a first round pick. Bobby never came close to living up to them. His production was closer to what you would expect from a fifth rounder.

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