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The Dallas Cowboys worst draft picks of all time - No. 5

Nfl-draft-sceneIt's the best time of the season for fans of the Nationall Football League - a collection of young kids who have never played a down of professional football (by professional I mean receiving money over the table) will save your favorite team.

On Thursday night in New York City, the league will blow away the TV ratings by not actually playing a game. It's the damndest thing you've ever seen, and speaks to the sickening popularity of this sport.

As a celebration of this week, The Big Mac Blog will look back at the best and worst of the Dallas Cowboys' draft history. We will start with The Bad:

1963T-Gibbs5. Sonny Gibbs, TCU, QB, 1962, 18th pick
This was the second draft in the history of the franchise, and the first time they really blew it. Gibbs was one of the most celebrated and decorated quarterbacks in the Southwest Conference, and was probably going to challenge Eddie LeBaron for some time.

He is listed as having made the active roster, but he never played in a game for the Cowboys. He was eventually cut, and picked up by the Detroit Lions. He appeared in two games for the Detroit Lions in 1964, attempted three passes, was picked off once, and never played again.

Picked immediately after: Ed Blaine, OG, Green Bay Packers
Picked immediately ahead of: Bobby Thompson, DB, Detroit Lions 

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