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The Mavs' weird situation with O.J. Mayo

OjmayocontentThe Dallas Mavericks' biggest acquisition from the summer of 2012 is now officially a bust. Too bad. O.J. Mayo is a nice guy, but now we know there was a reason why the Memphis Grizzlies demoted him, and eventually traded him.

In the Mavs' loss against the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night, Mayo was so bad it prompted Mavs coach Rick Carlisle to filet him after the game.

The only other time Carlisle has called out a player in such a way was Lamar Odom in his very brief stint with the team last season.

Carlisle accused Mayo of something no coach can tolerate - not "competing". That's code for - he wasn't trying. 

Carlisle said of Mayo: “He wasn’t into it the first half. We showed him some film at halftime where he virtually was just standing around defensively. I said, ‘Hey, we need you.’

“He just had a bad night; I guess I’ll write it off to that. But I tell you what, if I was playing against my former team I’d come out ready to go at them. But that’s me.”

“With all the time that we put into helping him develop and bringing him along, in the biggest game of the year and an opportunity to be a winning team, for him to show up like he did tonight, I was shocked. I just want to see him show up. I want to see him show up and compete. He didn’t compete tonight.”

Hi-res-6702398_crop_exactMayo's overall numbers from this season look pretty good - 15.4 points, 4.4 assists per game and 41 percent from 3. But when the games got big, and the score was tight late, he was either a non factor or a liability. He never replaced Jason Terry's ability as a fourth-quarter producer.
Mayo is technically signed through the 2013-'14 season at $4.2 million. That's not a big number.
But the final year of this deal is a player option, which most people figured he would opt out of in an effort to secure a larger deal.
Given how this season has developed, and the way the head coach destroyed him after this game, is a likely indication the Mavs would prefer Mayo leave on his own. You have to figure Carlisle was a slow burn on this one before it ignited on Monday night.

But if Mayo doesn't think he can get at least $4.2 million elsewhere, he may force the Mavs' hand and stay put.
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Miss Katie

He is a good player but unmotivated. It's odd because it's his contract year too. OJ is a problem but the least of the Mav's worries. We have to get younger, faster, and find a young guy that can score on his own. Cuban needs to get lucky in the draft and bring in some real help. I gotta think our help will come in the form of multiple players; not one big name free agent. I hope we get good fast.

Victor Von D

Keep him. We suck bad enough that even he will be considered "talented" on our squad.

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