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The one thing Jerry Jones has made good on

12087778-standardJerry Jones may not be able to deliver a Super Bowl in the next 50 lifetimes, but the man can deliver others things as promised.

The crooks that run college football have not only decided on a College Football Playoff but that the first title game in the "playoff era" will be at Cowboys Stadium. The game will be Jan. 12 2015.

The Cotton Bowl will also be a part of the rotation for the semifinal games as well with the other rich-kid bowls such as the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, and Chick-fil-A.

(BTW - Hats off to the people that devised this playoff to name it just that - College Football Playoff. This name is not some post-modernistic art of simplicity. By not including tag 'NCAA' or anything else it can easily sell the naming rights to a corporate sponsor without having to share a dime with the organization based in Indianapolis.)

Now let's just hope that Fort Worth/dallas is not buried in snow and ice the way this region was when the Super Bowl came to town in 2011. While we're at it, let's hope that every paying customer actually has a seat to sit in to watch the game. And that nobody dies, either.

Super-bowl-weather-0daf1e5b380abda4This will essentially give the people at Cowboys Stadium, and North Texas organizers, the chance to correct the many screwups that happened when the Super Bowl came to town. By the time the Unnamed Corporate Sponsor College Football Playoff Title game comes to Cowboys Stadium it will have hosted a Super Bowl, NBA All-Star game, NCAA Final Four, Cotton Bowls, among many others high-profile events.

All of these have gone well with the exception of that one Super Bowl, which was a horror show for event planners.

North Texas is not on the schedule to host another Super Bowl. Those already in the books are:
2014: New York/New Jersey
2015: Phoenix

The Super Bowl in 2016 will be the 50th, and that will likely be in an area that has a tradition of hosting the big game at the end. Think South Florida.

If the College Football Playoff title game goes well, enough time will have passed since that fiasco in '11 that Jerry should enough street cred' to host the Super Bowl again.

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Though the press attributes almost anything to Mr. Jones (mostly
negative), I doubt that even he has the power to change the weather or to have cancelled an unprecedented snow storm around the time of the Super Bowl. If The Cowboys venue is to
be boycotted for this freak of nature, one wonders if the same fate should be ascribed to Forida if an untimely hurricane should
unfortunately occur during one of their Super Bowl dates? The press should be on their knees in gratitude to Mr. Jones since he seems to be the singular topic that their lazy and limited abilities
are capable of producing. Does it ever occur to them that the public is sick of their obsession?

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