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The Stars should trade Jaromir Jagr but can't

C06-jagr-23-4_3_r536_c534Even in this lockout shortened season of 48 games the Dallas Stars are hurriedly getting to another off-season by again skipping the playoffs. That should help spike season ticket sales.

They are 16-16-3 for 35 points, good for 12th in the Western Conference. They are only three points behind St. Louis for eighth place but a 4-0 loss on Monday night against Anaheim isn't exactly good for morale.

The team remains all-in with the young players, which is why general manager Joe Nieuwendyk needs to trade veteran center Jaromir Jagr before the NHL's trade deadline on Wednesday.

Signing Jagr to a one-year deal has worked out - he has 14 goals and 12 assists in 34 games and clearly still has something left. But if the team is going to be so committed to its young players and Jagr can get something of value in return, it would be best to move the 41-year-old forward.

Here is the rub - there is absolutely no trust in the man making the trade. Between the lopsided trade of James Neal, the extension of Kari Lehtonen and some coaching hires that have not clicked, the faith in Nieuwendyk's ability to make the right move is at a new all-time low.

Dealing Jagr for a prospect makes the most sense, but considering who is pulling the trigger on the deal you may as well cross your fingers the Stars can catch the eighth seed and ride out this nice production from the future Hall of Famer.


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curious mac -- why would lehtonen's extension cause loss of faith in nieuwendyk? keeping your MVP under contract isn't a good move? plus, let's look at the trade that GOT them lehtonen -- i would say that one was pretty smart, no?

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