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Top 5 all time Jerry Jones draft day quotes

NM_26CowboyDraft5_30845222_963075-620x369So Jerry Jones wants Tony Romo to spend a Peyton Manning amount of time with the Dallas Cowboys in the offseason to make this team better.

You pay a guy who has one career playoff win $1 trillion and you expect certain things. As much fun and as much potential material as Jerry provided with this quote over the draft this previous weekend, this is a nothing compared to some of his previous winners.

I went back to review some of his great comments after certain classes.

Enjoy ...

Sherman-Williams-RB-Dallas-Cowboys-Football-Card--65. "We are really pleased with not only the way we were able to trade down, but also with the players that we had pinpointed. We could, in this draft, really make a difference on our football team in 1995."
- Jerry on April 23, 1995 when the Cowboys traded down to select Sherman Williams, Kendell Watkins, Shane Hannah and Charlie Williams on the first day of the draft.

4. "I know what we’ve got coming tomorrow. It didn’t look good trading Herschel Walker and doing some things. But you had some information that you knew you were going to get better. While this wasn’t of that magnitude, we’ve got a chance to get some good players. We have a chance to get real extended value because of the early pick in the third round."
- Jerry on April 25, 2009 when the Cowboys had already traded out of the first round to obtain WR Roy Williams and then traded out of the second round in a draft where they selected 11 players, none of whom is currently on the roster.

3. “He was the best player available, and we were fortunate to get him."
- Jerry on April 18, 1999 after the team drafted defensive end Ebenezer Ekuban in the first round.

2. “Not in my wildest dreams."
- Jerry on April 17, 1999, after the Cowboys drafted defensive backs Dwayne Goodrich, Kareem Larrimore and Mario Edwards.

Quincy-carter1. “We didn’t want to live with missing him if we bet wrong in the third round . (He’s) a player we may not see the likes again for a couple of years – if even then."
- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on April 21, 2001 regarding the drafting of quarterback Quincy Carter.

To be fair, you could do this to just about any NFL GM, or coach, on draft day. Everyone misses with the draft. If you hit 50 %, you're a genius.

Jerry has presided over a lot of quality draft picks in his career (DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Jason Witten, Troy Aikman, Larry Allen and countless others), but these one liners are just too much fun.


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How about the one where Jerry, speaking to coach Jimmy Johnson in the draft room, said something like, "When the TV camera points this way, look over at me so that it will appear that I'm the one making the selections."

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