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Total bummer: Silva/GSP UFC super fight all but dead

0My dream of the UFC holding a massive, mega, jumbo, biggie-sized super fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre at Cowboys Stadium appears just about all but dead. At least that's what GSP says.

GSP told Joe Rogan on his latest Podcast that he does not envision fighting The Spider any time soon.

It is my mission to annoy UFC president Dana White with the question of "When is the UFC coming to Cowboys Stadium?" until my death, or until it actually happens. White has maintained the only way to come to Cowboys Stadium is to have a super fight, and the potential matchup of Silva v. GSP would fit that description.

But GSP does not think it's the best idea, and by the time he may be ready Silva will be too old. Silva is already 38, but he recently signed a new deal with UFC that secures him for 10 more fights, according to

The weight difference between the two men may be too great for it to happen anyway.

"Anderson Silva is very big.  He’s 230 pounds," GSP told Rogan. "He’s a very big guy, walking around very big and I’m 190 pounds.  It’s a lot of weight difference. If this fight happens one day, we’re going to have to decide what weight class and everything."

GspBTW - GSP is 31 and weighs 170. And FYI - I look more like GSP, but fight more like Silva.

The next best alternative for a potential superfight involving Silva would be to include Jon Jones, who will fight Chael Sonnen on Saturday night in UFC 159. Jones is all set to replace Silva as the biggest, baddest fighter in the UFC, assuming he keeps winning (he's 17-1-0).

There is some good news to this dark cloud of no UFC at Cowboys Stadium just yet: It does appear that my guy, Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks will get his shot at the title and fight GSP.

GSP told Rogan that he thinks his next opponent will be Hendricks, who is from Mansfield. Expect that fight to be this year.


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