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Video: Galloway & Big Mac agree with Mark Cuban



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R. Shines

i love these segments....and you are wrong. Cuban and his cash will figure it out. Give it another off season to work itself off.


There are no super star free agents
We don't have a lock on any super star talent in the draft
And there is no quick fix

But we can do it

This franchise has been in the playoffs for a loooong time. We have been realavant in the West for years. We can fix this thing. I love our coach. I love our owner. The Mavs brain trust can fix this thing. We've done it b4 and will do it again.


margaret at tcu

You guys need to expand this. These segments are funny, some what insightful, and always topical. I almost always laugh out loud when I watch these. Maybe you could do a broadcast from the tcu campus before a big football game. Students all over campus know you guys


Trade for Kobe NOW! Don't wait. The Lakers are in the playoffs and LA should be losing in Kobe fast. Kobe gets $30 million next season. If Cuba will toss LA a bunch of draft picks and whatever else (except for Dirk), Jerry Buss should be thrilled to not pay $30 mill to Kobe FOR NOT PLAYING NEXT SEASON!!!!!

You want to get some miles out of Dirk and have a shot at another title -- add Kobe to the mix. Trust me... LA will be looking to deal him.


TRUST me! With Cuban's $$$billions AND his intelligence,, within the next NBA Season or 2, he WILL produce another NBA Championship out of our beloved Mavericks! Will the Mavericks get Kobe??? Probably not. Probably best anyway, considering how Kobe is AGing. However,, the Mavs COULD possibly get LeBron,, (when you think of it). Don't forget,, there were 3 OTHER periods (prior to 2011) when the Mavericks coulda,, woulda,, SHOULDa WON the NBA Championship! For starters,,, THINK of how the Mavericks started the 2002-2003 NBA Season on a 14-game WIN streak. Fast Forward and think of how the Mavericks were UP,, 2 games to Zip, over Miami Heat, in the June, 2006 NBA Finals. Next, think of the following season and how the Mavs finished in Apr 2007 with a whopping 67-15 W/L Record!!! Just how and WHY,, did the Mavs FAIL,, to WIN,, the NBA Championship in EACH of those 3 seasons?!!? Dirk and the Mavericks should have FOUR rings as of now instead of just one!

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