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Video: Galloway & Big Mac enjoy this FW/d thunderstorm of cash



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ryan c

your best segment all decade

stupid money

I love Galloway but he needs to be harder on Romo and Jerry Jones. Romo's contract is obscene. Come on guys, quit kissing that Romo-booty. The guy doesn't deserve the money. Say it. Romo contract is stupid given his history and age.

Billy Cox

You guys are a couple of pukes. How could you let Romo off the hook like that. I think your commentary is accurate but I've come to expect a little more 'directness' and reporting with a little more color...maybe even an edge. You guys are always funny, accurate, and best of all - you get in the face of the sport's stars you cover. You let Romo big money contract, and apparently significant place with the Cowboys, influence your coverage of his bullshit contract. Get a grip. Hit it and rip it. It's why these segments are good and why people enjoy reading your stuff. Get back to getting on the ass's of the people you cover.

Amanda Marcum

You are hot! Interview me again & come for a visit at USC! Love to see you again!


i agree with the comment from billy cox. it isn't like you guys to lay down or take it easy on a guy. don't be such whimps. i know you need to kiss some jock's butts to get a story but the romo contract is a joke and quite frankly so is your weak segment. grow some.

The King of Fort Worth Texas

say whatever you want about Romo and whoever else... i just love these segments. keep 'em coming!

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