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Video: Galloway & Big Mac think Coach Process needs to run the draft



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comedy jokes

Galloway's introduction is priceless... "my illegitimate son; the big mac of love" laughing hard! priceless!


Good segment. Not your best but always good.

FYI... Quincy Carter was easily the Cowboys worst draft choice ever.


You guys give Red too much crap. He is a decent young coach. He has blown a ton of calls at the end of the game and otherwise. But he has grown, been good in the draft, and keeps some hope alive that he can guide us to a playoff game. I am hopeful. There aren't many of us left, but I am hopeful.

John G.

Red is slowly becoming a head coach. He has had a ton of gaffs that are as a result of experience. There is no substitute for tenure. Jason doesn't have it. We are paying the price for his lack of experience. He has a good brain but he is getting his OJT and growing. I hope Jerry sticks with him. It seems foolish to let him go after we have paid for his schooling.

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