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Well done, Walking Dead finale

Walking-dead-carl-rick-season-3-finale-amcIt only took a few months, but the greatness of The Walking Dead finally returned just in time to sign me up for Season No. 4.

The finale of the Walking Dead season 3 was a return to what makes this show so compelling - zombies, killing zombies with sharp objects, action, tension, people stretched over their limits, humanity at its best and worst.

The long awaited showdown between The Governor and the people of Woodbury vs. Sgt. Rick Grimes and his prison gang finally occured, but not exactly the way we envisioned.

The confrontation ended with The Governor officially having lost his mind and his people realizing their fearless leader is a total whack job. By the time some of the people learned this reality it was too late.

Episode-11-maggieAnd just as both communities learned that the Governor is a nut, now we are learning that Sgt. Grimes' young boy is also in the process of checking out. It would seem the stress of having killed his own mom after she delivered a baby maybe is finally getting to him.

The ending of this episode included one of those unsuspecting deaths to a character we all liked and didn't want to see leave the program. The Walking Dead does unwanted deaths very well.

Alas, The Governor is still alive leaving us to wonder, and remained tuned in for another season, what will happen when Season 4 begins.

Season 3 may have been a bit dull at times and a bit too talky, but the finale indicates more eventful days are ahead.


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Were we watching the same show? I dvr'd it and noticed that the hour was at least 50% commercials. The show promised 2 dozen deaths, but only 1 of those happened to a character that we even know their name.

The big battle between the prison and the Governor was really weak! Running tale as soon as their shot at?!? 100's of bullets without anyone getting hit?!? I used to love this show, but it now has more in common with network shows now than it does with quality series like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones.


Couldn't agree more with Andrew. What a joke. That show is so commercialized, i can't stand to watch it any more.

amanda sperzel

First off this season was laying the groundwork, building the story. Yes this wasnt the hottest season but what show has great seasons every time? The way it ended was beautiful with all the people, now imagine where this story can go next season, what they can accomplish. Maybe if you cant see whats being done you don't deserve the honor of watching.


Holy hell! Are you getting paid by AMC to write this crap? The finale was terrible! They won't be breaking any cable records next year, they're gonna lose half their fan base. The finale was a complete dud. It was one of the worst episodes of the season.

I've loved TWD since day one and this a complete waste of a finale.

What the hell is Rick gonna do with the retirement community at the prison?

The season itself had good and bad moments for the story, but the finale was total crap.

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