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Why all Texans know West, Texas

6a00e54f7fc4c58833014e8a598de4970d-250wiBoth the still images and the video footage of the tragedy in West, Texas are just another blow to the heart, and the psyche, in a week already filled with too many.

For those who live outside of the state, West, Texas is just a spot on the map comprised of roughly 2,500 citizens who live in middle America.

For those inside the state, or the millions who know I-35 well, West, Texas is a major destination. That's one of the reasons this tragedy is so tough - we may not know anyone in West, but we all know West. And we all love West.

If you have never visited West for West Fest there likely is not a Texan alive who has not intentionally stopped here for a kolache or some other baked sugary good at the handful of bakeries right off the interstate.

According to various reports, the World Famous Czech Stop is open and feeding first responders to the emergency.

Sounds about right.


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