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Why the Texas Rangers need to stick with Mitch Moreland is in Baltimore

Mitch+Moreland+Oakland+Athletics+v+Texas+Rangers+UEbMI8155dAlThe Texas Rangers are now 7-3 and their power hitting first baseman Mitch Moreland is off to a "flying" start. By flying I mean he is batting .194 with more strikeouts (8) than hits (7) in 36 at bats.

Who cares? Let this guy stick and figure it out. He will.

The reason the Rangers need to let Moreland bat until his arms fall off is none other than former Rangers prospect, Chris Davis.

Davis, now with the Orioles, is batting .400 with six home runs and 19 RBI in just 30 at bats. Not that these absurd numbers will remain throughout, but after three-plus blah seasons with the Rangers he has this whole hitting thing down in Baltimore.

Some guys just take longer than others. Last season in Baltimore, Davis batted .270 with 33 home runs and 85 RBI.

Chi-20120501-fantasy-baseball-pickups-pictures-002Moreland's long term success is going to be defined by whether he can hit left handing pitching.
In his career against right handers, Moreland is batting .271 with 38 home runs, 106 RBI in 783 at bats.
In his career against left handers, Moreland is batting .222 with four home runs, 23 RBI in 189 at bats.

Davis' career followed a slightly similar trajectory before the Rangers sent him to Baltimore as part of the trade to acquire reliever Koji Uehara in July of '11. The team had basically given up thinking he was never going to be able to hit lefties. That worked out well.

Davis is 27 with five years of MLB experience. He really figured it out when he was 26 and in his fourth season.
Moreland is 27 with three years of MLB experience. 

Give it a little bit more time.


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Dale Smith

I know Mitch will be a star and now that he has been given 1st base and doesn't have to look over his shoulder he will show those that doubt him.I have been a Mitch supporter ever since I first saw him in the batters box.

free agent

Let him polish his skills in Round Rock until he's pushing 30 and has it figured out, then.

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