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A Big Gulp of Gloat on Mitch Moreland

Mitch+Moreland+ALCS+Workout+Session+pGA8wjBKhddlARLINGTON, Texas - Since this happens as frequenty as an Olympics ... told ya. Mitch Moreland can play.

Nobody thought he could do it! It was him against the world. Nothing but haters for poor Mitch.

Back on April 12, I declared the Texas Rangers had to stick with their young first baseman for a full season and he would produce.

At the time he was batting .194 with eight strikeouts and seven hits. He was Mitch the Meek.

"I knew I was hitting it hard and still seeing pitches and told myself to stick it out," Moreland said after Thursday's win against the Detroit Tigers.

Today he is Mitch the ... (rhymes with Mitch).

Moreland is now batting .296 with 11 doubles, nine home runs and 21 RBIs. He hit a pair of doubles in an 10-4 win against the Detoit Tigers on Thursday night, drove in three runs, and made some nice defensive plays at first.

This means he has adjusted to the adjustments that were made on him, and thus his production has a far greater chance of holding.

"We're trying to stay out of his way and let him work," Rangers manager Ron Washington said after the game.

Moreland says the biggest difference is that he no longer fears for his job. That does wonders for a man's confidence to know that every day he comes to work he will play, and can hit his way out of a slump.

"When I walk in and know that my name is going to be in the lineup every day that helps a lot," Moreland said.

Right now Moreland is projected for 33 homers and 83 RBI. That's a likely bit much for this season, but now the Rangers know this is in him and he can do this. 

They have a first baseman.

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ranger rick

He has made a believer out of me. I love our Rangers and have been watching them for years. I didn't think this kid had what it takes to play in the bigs, but he has proven me wrong. I'm happy for him and the organization.


Mitch Miller?


i can honestly say i always believed he had the ability to be a big-league regular, but worried if he -- like chris davis -- was going to need a change of scenery to get there. so glad he's doing it here. he can hit, defend, and seems to be a great teammate. might turn out to be a cornerstone of this franchise

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