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And it continues: Gary Patterson suspends Devonte Fields for 2 games

Hi-res-6572470_display_imageIn a little more than a year a program that routinely had been devoid of any and all embarrassing situations off the field has now racked up a list that would make the Miami Hurricanes say, "Nice work."

TCU head coach Gary Patterson has suspended Big 12 defensive player of the year Devonte Fields for the first two games of the 2013 season for a violation of university and team policy.

This is another reminder to never, ever boast, "We win the right way". In college football, there is no right way. There is merely doing the best you can and praying your kids don't get stupid. Or get caught.

Whatever Fields did it must have been a real winner to force GP to drop this hammer on the best defensive player in the Big 12. Quarterback Casey Pachall had a pretty impressive list and he was not suspended for a second until the administration had no choice but to take action last fall.

Fields will miss the season opener against LSU at Cowboys Stadium, and the following game against Southeastern Louisiana; TCU, welcome to 1-1.

Devonte Fields is the best player on this team. A sophomore out of Arlington Martin, Fields started all 13 games as a true freshman and was voted the Big 12 defensive freshman of the year, defensive player of the year and defensive newcomer of the year. 

He led the team with 18.5 tackles for a loss and 10 sacks, the fourth most in school history.

Whatever Fields did, this does not look good and it will not play well in the national media.

First it was the arrests of four football players for selling weed in February of '12. All four players were kicked off the team, and in due time the amount of publicity didn't quite measure up to the crime. But selling is selling, and the school had no choice.

Then it was the whole Pachall situation, that was not pretty, and eventually cost his team a shot at nine or 10 wins in 2012.

Now it's Devonte Fields, whose suspension will surely cost his team any shot at defeating a power such as LSU.

The season hasn't even started and already TCU is 0-1.

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i'm picturing Charlie Sheen & Jennifer Grey in "Ferris Bueller."


"No, thank you."

"No, are you in here for drugs?"


"Why are you here?"

"Because I hate my brother"

"That's cool. you try to kill him?"

"No. Why are you here?"



of course, i could be way wrong. could be something completely different. just made me think of that.


Geez, I'm not saying this isn't a big blow, but you're already counting them off at saying their 0-1 before the season starts?


and saying they're*

I had to acknowledge my mistake before the grammar gestapo showed up.


I don't understand your reasoning. Saying a team is 0-1 before they play the game? He is one player, yes, a very good player but he is one man on a very talented team. I have watched our TCU defense hold up without some of its best players and when all of those players were kicked off of the defense last year we still ended up with the best defense in the Big 12. I find your logic, unreasonable and misplaced. If you think one player makes or breaks a team in football your wrong. Maybe you are right in basketball, but I hope My Horned Frogs prove you wrong on August 31st.


This guy has a motor. He will be missed against LSU. We will survive. I support the coach.


I cancelled my FWST subscription when I learned that Mac Engel was still employed. I also told TCU I would stop donating until Mac Engel no longer worked at the school. What a hack!

class of '98, TCU

Great article. I'm getting a subscription to FWST as long as you are still writing for them. Also I am going to make a nice donation to TCU. I'll probably throw a little fundraiser for my school at my house. Great article. I hope you can come by the fund raiser and say a few words.

Alex LSU

TCU is very capable of beating a basically untested LSU defense - even without this guy!

I want LSU to win but believe me, as long as Coach Miles is calling the shots on offense - there is always a chance for a victory by opponents of purple and gold. Plus, our QB is the worst signal caller in the SEC. Watch him lose 3 or 4 in this year's surprise LSU season and they replace him with a young running QB. I still say TCU beats LSU in a high scoring affair...35-31.

Kelly LSU

I agree with Alex at LSU. I love the Tigers but we are too erratic. TCU is tough and seems to play big opponents like LSU very well. This game scares me. I'm sorry this kid got suspended for the LSU game but at this point we need the advantage.

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