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Barbara Wawa to wetieah

Walters390Never thought this day would come: Legendary TV newswoman Barbara Walters is going to retire, according to this interview she did with the New York Times. She is going to quit after just one more year. 

She's only 83. Sounds right. She must need the money.

This will be the conclusion of one of the most significant media careers in history; Walters was a pioneer for female TV journalists whose path created a giant avenue for future women.

This year will give just about every media outlet in the world to do a retrospective of her 50-plus years in the business from The View to Univision.

Expect everything from Gilda Radner's impression of her on the early days on Saturday Night Live to this infamous question Walters asked of Katherine Hepburn: "What kind of a tree are you?"




Rander's impression of Walters is more lasting, but the one that was far superior belongs to Cheri Oteri:



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