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Baylor's request of Brittney Griner is shameful

Brittney-griner-grioAs more high profile athletes are coming out of the closet to admit their sexuality a lot of people would rather this subject remain strictly off to the side. 

Like the good people at Baylor.

Take former Baylor women's basketball center Brittney Griner, who in her four years in Waco was the rarest of breeds. She was the female college athlete who generated revenue for her school. Few female college athletes have ever done that.

After being the No. 1 overall pick of the WNBA draft, Griner came out and admitted she is gay. That was just about as big of a surprise as her admitting she is tall. Everyone just kind of assumed. Maybe not everyone but I wasn't exactly surprised. .

And I was pretty sure nobody cared. I don't.

But Griner told ESPN that she was told to keep it to herself while she attended Baylor.

Griner told Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey that she was gay while she was being recruited. Is this the first case of women's basketball trumping the bible in recorded history.

"It was more of a unwritten law [to not discuss your sexuality] ... it was just kind of, like, one of those things, you know, just don't do it," Griner said in the interview. "They kind of tried to make it, like, 'Why put your business out on the street like that?'"

Tumblr_m2056ePOvy1qiv5plo1_500Yes, like how the military once was.

Living in the closet sounds like so much fun. Be open, be yourself, provided it fits in with the rest of our beliefs.

Baylor is a Baptist affiliated school. Baptists generally aren't cool with homosexuality because that's what the bible tells them to. 

So Baylor basically said, "We're really not cool with homosexuals, but exceptions can be made because she is Brittney Griner."

Griner wasn't drowning puppies, dealing drugs, running guns to Eastern Europe or rebroadcasting, reproducing, or otherwise using the pictures and accounts of a baseball game without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.

Baylor celebrated Brittney Griner the basketball player, and sold her as an inspiration to millions of young girls, but told Brittney Griner the person to shut it.

If you are going to recruit Brittney Griner, and sell Brittney Griner, than you have to be cool with Brittney Griner and not tell her to stay in the closet.


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Why did you assume she was gay? Cause she is a athlete or what? You are the one that sounds biased...


Welcome to being a Baptist school!

brian crawford

hey mac, whats shameful is jumping on the homosexual band wagon, give everybody a break and keep it to your self, we dont need to read you came out too


Mac has joined the others in simply beating us into submission on the gay thing. Can't they see they might have more success if they just let nature take its course? I'm so sick of gay this and that...

Roy Treadway

Shameful? Sort of the way the Star-Telegram is shameful for having spent the last thirty years ignoring and then insulting its gay readership? How about addressing your own paper's refusal -- in 2013, yet -- to even allow gay residents of Tarrant County to run our wedding announcements.


I agree. A shameful double standard by an institution. Really shameful.

But, the flip side of that coin is what in the world was she thinking? She knows she is gay and wants to spend four years at in place that says loudly her lifestyle is a sin?

The institution's decision is worse because its a considered choice by high powered adults. But, even an 18 year old and whoever her advisors were had to be ignoring the obvious to make the call to commit to an institution that was on the record on its position on homosexuality.

Dan Kelly

Amen. Good story.

Larry Eversberg

Nothing shameful at all about this. I applaud Baylor.


What's shameful is piling on another fake scandal created by ESPN and calling it journalism. Deleting my earlier completely salient and pointed comment wasn't too cool, either.


"After being the No. 1 overall pick of the WNBA draft, Griner came out and admitted she is gay. That was just about as big of a surprise as her admitting she is tall. Everyone just kind of assumed. Maybe not everyone but I wasn't exactly surprised"

Read more here:

The above quote, which appears to be a veiled, or maybe not so veiled, dig at the stereotype of a homosexual woman...and if not, an even more shameful personal attack on the looks of a young woman, is much more shameful than having a policy against the advocacy of a lifestyle that a church based school believes goes against the teachings of that religion and God.


double standard?? got it, just like the mainstream press... just keep it to yourself.. the admin of baylor had it right--

Trent Curtis

Nobody made Griner stay at Baylor. Any college in the country would have been glad to have her. If she did not like having to conceal her sexuality, She could have left. I-35 runs north and south. Her talent would have let her play anywhere else.


Ridiculous claim by this clown of a writer.


Mac, you are wrong. Baylor was founded and is still funded by Texas Southern Baptists and should always uphold Christian, Baptist teachings. I doubt that you agree with that sentiment but here's one thing that you can count on, unless you contribute directly to Baylor or attend and tithe at a Texas Southern Baptist church, none of your money will end up there. I know that you, as a media member and most likely very liberal, can't understand but many in Texas still do, not everything is all right. It IS ok to have a moral and ethical compass.


Mac is a dits. Does no one have rights except a homosexual who wants to tell everyone whom they have sex with?
The Supreme court decided FOR BSA that as a private institution they can enforce their values as they see fit!
Baylor is a private school. Try to be a little more circumspect, and not a band wagon jumper.


Mac, you continue to be a joke! What if Griner had come to Mulkey and said that she slept with the entire starting 5 of the Men's BB team and wanted to tell the world about it? What would she say? How about - let's keep our private business private! And, oh BTW, that's a sin! Griner never said that ANYONE at the University forbid her from saying something but rather counseled her against it. To protect her? YES. To protect themselves? Probably yes. You act like this is the first school that didn't want to have a press conference to announce a player's sexual preference. Don't remember hearing about one of those. Do you?

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