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Big Mac Chat: Softball star Jennie Finch

CoverMost of you don't care about softball, but you know Jennie Finch. Do you know she played softball, and did other things other than be a pretty blonde female athlete who has posed for magazines? Who knew? 

Finch is now a mother of three, and keeps herself busy being Jennie Finch. Let's be real - she can be busy being Jennie Finch because she's pretty, and not stupid. There is not another softball player alive who can market herself the way she can because no other softball player has ever looked like her.

Look how far we've come!

Sincerely, she is a decent, candid and professional woman who has represented herself and her sport very well. 

Finch is now gracing the cover of Country Woman magazine (my subscription ran out), recently completed a marathon, and is now actively trying to get softball and baseball back into the Olympics. 

You can keep up with her at

She was nice enough to stop by to talk about ... well, everything.

The Big Mac Blog: What are you busy with these days? 
Jennie Finch: Well, busy being a mom and raising three kids. That's most of my time but I do other things, too. I did my first marathon not too long ago. And right now I am really trying to work on getting softball and baseball back into the Olympics. 

Jennie+Finch+Premiere+Columbia+Pictures+How+se1B2naKtlKlThe Big Mac Blog: Do you think we'll see baseball/softball back into the Olympics?
Jennie Finch: I know we have a big challenge ahead of us. My hope is that it's in; I'm not going to give up on it until we get the final word. I don't know - there is so much that goes on internally that we don't know about. Our campaign is a very good fight. 

The Big Mac Blog: You mentioned the marathon; what did you learn in the process of training for it and completing it?
Jennie Finch: So much of it is mental. If you look at runners they are all different shapes, ages and sizes. It's incredible. And I think the comraderie of training together, which I really did enjoy. Having a workout partner is great. You don't want to let them down so you are there in the morning. You have those goals and it's great to do it together with someone. 
I thought, 'I don't have any excuses' when I looked at some the people doing this. Amputees, people who have dealt with weight, or other things. They are running. And there is nothing better than pushing your body because it's so incredible to see what you are capable. It's fascinating for me. 

The Big Mac Blog: Another subject - despite the advances of women in sports and the opportunities that exist, do you feel that the female athlete is judged by her appearance? 
Jennie Finch: Obviously there are a lot of barriers and hurdles we have to overcome. I know we have come a long, long ways. Those barriers are being knocked down. There are still plenty of room to grow in that area. I think the attention from the physical appearance away the athletic feat still very much exists. 
To me, I wanted what I did to stand on its own. But I think one of the great things about women in sports is the diversity and there is a little bit of everything. I can appreciate that and admire that.  

Jennie+Finch+Celebs+2012+ESPY+Awards+LA+PEG-Y_Qx5DsxThe Big Mac Blog: If you could draw your ideal for women in sports in the U.S. what does it look like? 
Jennie Finch: For equal opportuinity and for the support to be there. It's there. We have the WNBA and soccer is getting back up there. There are fans there. The softball College World Series is breaking records, and games are on TV now. We have to find that platform for other women. We need to appreciate how far we've come but have a long ways to go.

The Big Mac Blog: Thanks so much and hope things keep going well for you.
Jennie Finch: Thank you so much; I appreciate it.





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