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Coming up: Paulie Malignaggi talks the problem that is Floyd Mayweather

La-sp-sn-floyd-mayweather-guerrero-boxing-2013-001On Saturday night in Las Vegas, Floyd "Money" Mayweather returns to the ring to steal our money and beat up some chump who has no chance. This time it's Robert Guerrero. Please, make it close.

The fight is PPV on Shooooooooowtime! Yes, I will watch. And then I will whine and complain that Fraud set this fight up against a vastly inferior opponent, and that I am nothing but another stupid sucker wishing for a good fight.

Joining me shortly to discuss the Floyd Mayweather problem is light welterweight champion Mr. Paulie Malignaggi, who will serve as an analyst for Mayweather/Guerrero.

He has some interesting opinions on Mayweather's cherry picking opponents, Guerrero's chances, Canelo Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao and his own next opponent - Adrien Broner.

Check back for it. 

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Javier E. Najera

Look forward to reading his comments. The only fight I will personally pay for with Mayweather in it will be a bout against Canelo, which won't happen.

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