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Dallas Stars could play a game in Cowboys Stadium

UnknownThis concept is going to need one more season before it becomes a reality, but do not be surprised if in about one year the Dallas Stars announce they will play a home game at Cowboys Stadium. With the roof open, preferably.

The outdoor NHL game has become one of the league's signature events, but mostly those games have been confined to cold weather cities. With the Los Angeles Kings scheduled to play a game at Dodgers Stadium against the Anaheim Ducks, an outdoor game in a non-traditional market may become more frequent.

Talked to Dallas Stars president Jim Lites this morning and he said it's a concept that he has kicked around and believes can happen. Which means it will happen.

"We could do it at the Cotton Bowl but Cowboys Stadium makes more sense because of the cache of the building," Lites said. "You would do it in January or February, and open the roof. You can turn down the temperature of the ice to zero degrees. What we have at the time of year is not really a temperature issue but it's the rain. It's seldom humid at that time of year but it does rain."

The roof must be open. If not, it's just another indoor hockey game only with a giant TV set on top of the ice.

"It would take a lot of advance planning and really we are not in a position to do it this year," Lites said.

Lites said the amount of planning would be akin to hosting an NHL All-Star game, and would require several months of detailed work. 

"Two seasons," he said. "That would be about right."

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