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Former Cowboy & ex-SMUer going after Justin Bieber

Gallery_main-bieber-white-ferrari-06The late Anne Frank may have been a Belieber if she was alive today, but not former Dallas Cowboys WR Keyshawn Johnson or SMU running back Eric Dickerson.

It seems that Keyshawn is not happy with the teen pop star Justin Bieber, who lives in his swank gated SoCal neighborhood, because he drives too fast. 

According to this report in the LA Times, Keyshawn took exception to the Biebs allegedly driving his Ferrari too fast in the neighborhood where his kids were playing.

It is amazing how after you become a parent how quickly you become hyper aware of how fast people drive. But if you're late to soccer practice and you're kid is in the car, driving 80 in a 30 is fine.

Key' chased down the Biebs to his house to tell him to slow down, when he was greeted by one of his handlers who warned him he would call the cops. 

This is why I love Keyshawn - his response to that threat was, "Call the cops."

Few athletes I have ever been around were as unafraid of his opinion as Keyshawn, which makes him so good on the tele.

Eric Dickerson lives in the same neighborhood. Safe speeds around his kids trump his man crush on the boy who looks more like a girl.

Dickerson Tweeted: "Hey @justinbieber I use to have a white Ferrari too, but I knew the speed limit in neighborhoods where kids played"

He later added: "I live in Calabasas too and @justinbieber needs to slow his ass down."

Key' is 40. Dickerson is 52. Unlike Anne Frank, they are obviously not Beliebers.

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Dan G

Problem is a fine won't do anything to Bieber. Take away his DL!

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