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Former Texas Rangers busted for crack possession but it wasn't his

Otis-NixonThe name "Otis Nixon" does not exactly conjure up a lot of great memories for Texas Rangers fans. He played the 1995 season for the Rangers where he batted .295 with 21 doubles and 50 stolen bases. That is the third most steals by a Ranger in franchise history.

His biggest contribution to the Rangers record books is that he was caught stealing a major-league leading 21 times that season, which remains a franchise single-season record.

Nixon played for nine teams in a 17-year career that ended in 1999, and now he appears to have hit some hard times. By hard times I mean, "Why are you carrying crack cocaine?" hard times.

Nixon was busted in Atlanta over the weekend, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. There were reports that his car was driving erractically on the highway when he was pulled over. Authorities reportedly found that Nixon was carrying crack cocaine, but according to Nixon it was not his.

4b435ec395592_68455nIt's weird because he had some crack cocaine, that wasn't his, his in pants' pocket. This gets better.

Nixon told the cops that crack cocaine and the pipe belonged to his son, thus proving once again that nothing can compare to the love between a father and a child.





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