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Fort Worth & Arlington among the top "red neck" cities in the U.S.

13nascar190.2Not sure this is going to sit well with the good folks of Fort Worth and Arlington, but a website has named both cities among the top 10 most redneck in the U.S. - which is a site dedicated to national real estate - recently published an informal ranking of the Top 10 Most Redneck places in America.

1. Atlanta
2. Kansas City, MO
3. Oklahoma City
4. Nashville
5. Tulsa
6. Fort Worth
7. Arlington, Texas
8. Sacramento
9. Cleveland
10. Mesa, Arizona

The author of this list is from Austin, Texas and used the following eight points to base his rankings:
* Percent of population that did not complete high school
* Number of gun/ammo stores per capita
* Number of taxidermists per capita
* Number of cowboy boot stores per capita
* Number of country radio stations per capita
* Number of NASCAR race tracks close by
* Number of Walmarts per capita
* Number of riding lawn mower/tractor repair shops per capita

Jeff Foxworthy would be proud, and then bummed he didn't think of it first.

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