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Gary Patterson has mastered the art of the non-conference schedule

409CVDentonShow of hands who knew Minnesota has a football team?

TCU has announced it will play a home and home football series against the University of Minnesota beginning in 2014. 

Call it the Jim Wacker Series. The much-beloved deceased was the head coach at TCU from 1983 to '91, and then went to Minnesota where he was from 1992 to 1996.

This photo is from Wacker's days at TCU where he was asking this handsome young kicker why he kicked the ball out of bounds to start the game. I think.

TCU will host the Golden Gophers on Sept. 13, 2014. It will play at Minny on Sept. 3, 2015. 

(BTW - The Twin Cities are a perfect place to visit in the summer months. U of M is a great campus. There is a lot to do up there, and the weather is usually fantastic in September - the snow doesn't fall until around September 23rd.)

TCF_BankThis series is another example of TCU head coach Gary Patterson doing what he does as well as anyone in the country - scheduling the fake "hard" game. All good coaches do it. At least the ones who want to keep their jobs.

Minnesota is an ideal non-conference opponent. The Gophers are not some MAC, Sun Belt or FCS dog. Season ticket holders won't complain that TCU is bringing in a bad non-conference opponent that they won't even leave the parking lot to enter the stadium to watch.

The Gophers can will be spun as a Big 10 opponent who have appeared in a bowl game nine times since the start of the century. All true.

The fine print won't include that this team has not won a bowl game in its last five appearances, and has been in a grand total of 15 bowl games since 1961.
The fine print on the Gophers won't include that they are 67-87 since 2000. They are 26-49 since 2007 and have one winning season in that stretch.

The way college football works for the BCS affiliated schools, there is minimal incentive to load up the non-conference schedule with challenges any greater than this.

Basically, this is like adding another Kansas to the schedule. 

As any good coach knows, you can never play Kansas enough.

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The University of Minnesota is a better football program than you are as a sportswriter.


Mac is a moron.


Mac is a mutt.


Kansas almost beat TCU last year... BEFORE Pachall was kicked off the team.


2012 Season:
Texas Tech 56 TCU 53
Texas Tech 34 Minnesota 31

Ski U Mah

National Championships:
Minnesota 7


Mac, still deep in the hole of his own digging I see.


I'm a hornedfrog in fort worth and I have to agree with the Gopher fans. You don't know what your taking about. Kasnas's last conference win was in 2010 to Colorado, and before that was Iowa State in 2009. They are an atrocious 6-30 over the least three season. Minnesota isn't even close to being as bad as KU


And LSU this year????


So the recently announced games with Arkansas and the game with LSU this year are all fluff?


The Big Mac Blog is so full of horse hockey; I do not even consider "mac" to be a legitimate factor in journalism, much less have the ability to write an interesting article. Even the old Longhorn loving Bill van Fleek at least had credibility, as did Bill Moore, Blackie Sherrod, etc. Mac Engle.....who the hell is he or what has he ever written?????


Sorry, Bill van Fleet, my typo.

Chip Miller

Mac, get your head out of your 🐴! TCU with LSU, Arkansas and future schedules has one if the tougher non conference schedules.


As an OSU Fan who happened to do some school in Minnesota (and mostly grew up there), I've gotta say I'm sad my web traffic was registered here. As a B1G and Big 12 fan, that was just........just so bad. So bad.

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