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Gerald Sensabaugh ... really?

SensabaughEverything you need to know about the state of the Dallas Cowboys can be summed up with the press release to announce the ceremonial one-day signing of safety Gerald Sensabaugh so he could retire with the team.

Nice guy. A total pro who played hard, and would play hurt. A former fifth round pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sensabaugh lasted eight years in a league where the vast majority of guys don't make it eight months. He played the last four years with the Cowboys. Sensabaugh made a bunch of money, and for eight years he was paid six to seven figures to play football. Not many people ever do that.

The end.

Here is the rub - did he make a single play you remember?

Lott_Ronnie_Action_180-220The ceremonial signing so-they-can-retire should be reserved "franchise" guys who played elsewhere but want their career to end with the team for which they made an eternal impression. Guys like Ronnie Lott with the San Francisco 49ers, Peyton Manning with the Indianapolis Colts, Emmitt Smith with the Dallas Cowboys.

When guys like Sensabaugh or right tackle Marc Colombo, who did this with the Cowboys, do this it diminishes the impact of the gesture.

Do their careers deserve to be celebrated? Sure. In their own home and with a party among family and friends.
Do their careers deserve to be celebrated the way we would an Emmitt, or Lott? 

This Sensabaugh "announcement" does, however, set the stage for future Cowboys' press conferences to announce the one-day signing and retirements of Felix Jones, Mike Jenkins, Phil Costa, Igor Olshansky, Kyle Kosier and Doug Free.


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Who really cares? At this point I dont understand why anyone would want to be associated with this franchise.


How is this "Everything you need to know about the state of the Cowboys?" Teams do this all the time, not just the Cowboys. How does this affect anything with regards to the team? Nice job trying to make something out of nothing.


Actually, I think this blog post sums up the state of the criticism that is being piled on to the Dallas Cowboys. People love to the hate the franchise (for good reason at times?), but have they really sunken so low that they'll analyze the meaning of ceremonial one-day contracts?

This is all the evidence that is needed to prove the Dallas is over-criticized. Tony Romo is better than he is regarded. Jerry Jones is a blowhard and makes his fair share of mistakes, but the notion that he is "the worst GM in the NFL" is a joke, given that the team is far from terrible. Isn't there anything more worthwhile to spend your brainpower on?

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