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Josh Hamilton has a point about the 'Baseball town' thing

PhotoARLINGTON, Texas - Hate to say this, but Josh Hamilton was not so wrong.

That's not true - I don't hate to say this because I never thought Hamilton was incorrect when he said Arlington was not a "baseball town".

It's a football town with a great baseball team and plenty of good baseball fans. There just aren't enough of them.

These two pictures were taken in the second inning of the highly anticipated game between the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers on Thursday night at Rangers Ballpark. More to the point, it featured two first-place teams and the two best starting pitchers in the American League, Yu Darvish and Justin Verlander.

If you can't sell this out, or fill it up, you can't be a Baseball Town.

It can't be "Fireworks Night" every game.

You can't blame the weather - it was mild with a slight breeze and limited humidity. School night? OK, that one always works. Maybe it should have been Free Beer Night.


You can't blame the Rangers. The team is good, the park is wonderful, the guys are pros.

The last time the Rangers hosted a regular season game featuring a pitching matchup this big was April 30, 1989 when Nolan Ryan faced Boston's Roger Clemens. 

That was Ryan's first year with the Rangers, and the game matched the hyped. Ryan pitched eight innings and allowed three hits, one run and whiffed 11. Clemens pitched eight innings, allowed six hits and two runs and struckout six but took the loss.

Rafael Palmeiro hit a two-run home run off Clemens in the bottom of the eighth for a 2-1 win in front of an announced crowd of 40,429 at Arlington Stadium.

On Thursday night, the announced crowd was 39,778.

Neither Verlander nor Yu were dominant. Verlander was awful, allowing eight runs on six hits in 2.2 innings. This is how bad Verlander was - he gave up a three-run home run to catcher Geovany Soto, who was hitting about .167 at the time of his at bat.

Yu was better, pitching into the seventh for another win.

Still a great night at the Ballpark, even in a non-baseball town.

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Phil McIntosh

Check your FACTS brother! Our Texas Rangers have the highest average attendance in 2013 of all AL teams.



Mac- that 1989 Ryan/Clemens game was on a sunny Sunday afternoon and not a bleacher seat available. Lot of hype for that one too. One of the best games I ever saw...

Ken Campbell

Once again you've showed your ignorance Mac! This is a "BASEBALL TOWN" The Rangers last I heard were leading the A.L. in attendance! That's a "Baseball Town! You bet we like football and basketball, we support our teams!! So enough with your idiotic comments!

Kelly Dennison

Ranger's Ballpark is not cheap. There needs to be more seats that are in the shade, better food for a better price and cheaper beer. If the Rangers want to sell out, they are going to have to be more realistic about the ticket prices.


Over the last few years Dallas-Ft. Worth has become a baseball town……during the summer. As soon as training camp starts the attention begins shifting to football. And why not. Football is played once a week for approximately 4 months (playoffs not included). Baseball, on the other hand, is played just about every single day for 6+ months. We all know about supply and demand, so trying to compare the two is a faulty aproach. You’re just not going to fill the seats in baseball like you are in football. Bottom line, if you can put 40,000 people in seats on a given night like the Rangers did last night, regardless of what the matchups are, that’s a good night in any “baseball” town.

rock the beer

The beer prices are outrageous. I love to go to the game and get schlitzed but you can't afford to do it with beer prices the way the are. Raise the ticket prices but give us fans some relief on the price of beer. Baseball is good but it's a whole lot more fun with your shirt off, gut hanging loose and throwing back 4 to 8 Buds.


Well done man. They don't realize the whole concept of getting more reads and clicks for articles. Bravo.


Per MLB... Texas attendance is #7 in MLB. Ready for these "shocking" stats that prove we are "not" a baseball town?

1. SF 99.3%
2. St Louis 92.2%
3. Boston 87.7%
4. Philly 85.9%
5. Detroit 85.4%
6. Angels 82.1%
7. TEXAS 80.0%


Jim Merritt

I wonder just how happy the A's are with his 25 mil contract right now? DAM@ glad that he's gone.


Well, Mac, I guess they told you!


It was a Thursday night and they sold 40k tickets... that's not bad. You can't look at percentage sold because our stadium is massive compared to say Fenway. Raw numbers are inflated by capacity, but in both we are at or near the top. Just because we care more about football doesn't mean we aren't baseball fans, so stop fanning the flames. Are you going to say Boston or New York aren't baseball towns because their football teams get higher ratings? Of course not.


Did you really just write this article? Troll


These are some delusional comments I'm reading. Dfw is most certainly not a baseball town. Where were you "fans" back in 2009 and before? Can't wait for the Stars to start playing well so we can be a "hockey city" lmao.

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