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Mayweather needs to fight Canelo

Article-2319695-19A10CAE000005DC-912_634x413For those of you smart enough NOT to spend dime 1 watching Floyd Mayweather defeat Robert Guerrero in 12 rounds on Saturday night, a tip of the cap to you.

In his first fight in about a year and since he was released from the slammer, Money ducked and dodged everything Guerrero could throw at him and claimed a unanimous decision; the fight was scored 117-111, but even that looks closer than the fight actually was. Mayweather is now undefeated in 44 professional fights.

Guerrero tried, and he could take a punch, but he could land zero.

Immediately after the decision, Mayweather was asked about who he may fight next, specifically Canelo Alvarez. Floyd ducked the question, and expect him to duck Canelo, too.

Floyd would likely defeat Alvarez, but why take the risk? He has five fights remaining in his buhzillion deal with Showtime, and then he will likely retire.

Even though he is 36, he is in great shape and can duck and dodge every punch thrown at him. Time appears to be the only opponent that will eventually defeat him, but he may not defeat him before Floyd retires.

He remains a maddeningly boring fighter. It's ironic for as much of a showman and pitchman as he is outside of the ring, inside he is the opposite. He was too quick for Guerrero to land any single big shot. Every time it looked like Mayweather was open to a punch, Guerrero didn't throw it or Mayweather dodged it.

Mayweather will fight one more time in 2013, tentatively scheduled for September. Canelo is likely the next best possible opponent, which means there is almost zero chance of it happening.

Mayweather may be the best PFP fighter alive, but he is undefeated because he will not fight anyone, anywhere, any time. He cherry picks with the best, and expect him to throw some challenger roughly $3 million while he takes home over $30 million so he can remain undefeated.

There is a reason he is called 'Money".

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Mayweathers a (blank) he dont fight real fighter, Im just putting what says here in other words

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