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Movie Review: Iron Man 3 > Iron Man 2, but < Iron Man 1

Iron_man_3_new_poster (1)Robert Downey, Gwyenth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Don Cheadle and lots of other hot people run around amid computer generated explosions in the latest, and likely final, Iron Man. Iron Man 3 is the first 2013 Summer Blockbuster film, and while it's not a great super hero movie it is a solid sequel.

The story: Tony Stark is bit of a mess, and now he is the target of a bad, bad man. Mr. Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) wants to make billions as he turns wounded war veterans who are missing limbs and essentially transforms them into human bombs. Stark is also on the radar of an international terrorist, The Mandarin, who has ties to Killian and may not be all that he seems.

The people: Downey plays himself as the glib, brilliant self-absorbed genius. Paltrow is now officially his girlfriend. James Badge Dale is a menacing bad guy who doesn't say much but does a lot of meany things. Pearce flashes some great hair as Killian, but Ben Kingsley steals every scene he is in as the evil The Mandarin.

Fight scenes: An upgrade over Iron Man 2 in that there are more of them, and there are Iron Mans aplenty flying around all over the place.

Eye candy: Paltrow runs around in a sports bra, and Guy Pearce takes off his shirt a few times. The underrated Rebecca Hall, who played Ben Affleck's love interest in The Town, is good.

Weaknesses: The movie flirts with making a political statement, like The Dark Knight Rises, but instead sticks with fun, comic book action with explosions and lots of CGI.

Should you see it: Yes. The second one was a total bore but this feels like the right way to end a fun triology.


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How can I take a review seriously that doesn't even get the spelling of the actors' names right?


The movie is fun. They are crazy if they don't keep pumping out more sequels.

donut lover

Loved it!

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