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Movie review: You don't need to be a trekkie nerd to dig the new Star Trek

220px-StarTrekIntoDarkness_FinalUSPosterDirector J.J. Abrams continues his solid run of turning out adventure hits, and when he takes on the impossible task of the Star Wars franchise it should be in good hands.

The man knows how to push a button, as evidenced by the new Star Trek Into Darkness. Abrams may be our generation's Steven Spielberg ... maybe.

The story: Capt. James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) does things his own way, and for the 8,434th time in this franchise he crossed the line and has the Starship Enterprise taken away from his command.

But shortly after his demotion a one-man space terrorist goes after Starfleet, and then goes on the run to the one part of the galaxy that is a no-man's land: Klingonville. 

The bad guy? Why it's Khan, of course. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is solid as the galaxy's worst bad guy, but there is simply no way he can come close to the brilliant and memorable turn that Ricardo Montalban had as the original Khan in the second Star Trek movie.

Kirk has to befriend Khan, who needs his help to save his dead crew, but that goes wrong because there is an additional unsuspecting bad guy and then all hell breaks loose for lots of cool special effects.

The people: Pine has done a nice job of remaking the character made famous by William Shatner; he does not try to do Shatner's over-the-top shtick. The best of the bunch is Zachary Quinto as Spock. He is perfect. Simon Pegg is wonderful as Scotty. This cast has done a nice job of reprising these famous roles.
Khan is good, just try not to compare him to the original Khan.

Action scenes: Plenty. Pretty much from the opening sequence to the end this movie is loaded with space adventure stuff. Lots of explosions, and the new Bad Ship Enterprise that Khan operates can do a lot of damage. Abrams can do a chase/explosion/fight with the best.

Alice_Eve_2Eye candy: Zoe Saldana is back as Lt. Uhura, but the object of everyone's affection is Alice Eve, who plays a new space assistant for the Enterprise.

Homages to the original: The end of this new Star Trek has similar shout out to the end of the second movie. There is the obligatory, "KHAN!" And there is a neat cameo made by Leonard Nimoy, too, who speaks of his original battle with the original Khan.

Look for a Star Wars scene: It's quick, but if you'll look hard enough Kirk pilots a small ship through a narrow space that looks very similar to the Millenium Falcon in Return of the Jedi (My God, I have to get out more).

Should you see it: Yes. It's a giant summer popcorn movie that fans of the original series and sci-fci adventure movie goers will enjoy. It's not Hamlet, but it's a good summer flick.




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don't go see it

hated it.


Alice Eve was a great addition. She wasn't nearly used enough in MIB3 but she definatly hit her stride in Star Trek. LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!


Hello? Spoiler alert? Thanks for giving away all of the things I have tried to avoid reading. Seeing it this afternoon. You pretty much killed it for me. At least you could have let us know you were going to give away things they have been TRYING to keep on the down low. The same things many of us have been TRYING to not be spoiled for us. I read your stuff everyday, I wont anymore. Just so you don't spoil any more movies for me.


I hate you. You wrecked Star Trek for me. I had no idea the good space guys would fight the bad space guys and the good space guys could win. I'll never read this blog again.


JJ Abrahms knocked it out of the park. How can you not like this movie. It does not disappoint. Spock is perfect in this. Reminss me of the original show yet a really fun take on it.


GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!! IM3 is better but this movie was AWESOME!!!!

post it

Great movie. It's a little tire. A little, 'been there done that'. But it's Star Trek. It's close to 50 years old. What do you expect. I loved it. Great movie. Lots of fun.

Trekkie to the Warp Core

Your right. You don't have to be a Trekkie nerd to like the new Star Trek movie. Most true Trekkies (hardcore ones like myself) hate the new Star Trek because J.J. Abrams could not have messed up Star Trek more. I have noticed it is only the Trekkers (non-purists) and people who never heard of the show before this movie love it. Now they call themselves Trekkies. Well, guess what, I have been a fan since I was ten. I own all the original series, all of the movies, all of TNG and have seen most of DS9. This movie is not Star Trek it is an imposter. I refuse to watch any of the new movies ever again.

Oh, and supposed Trekkies who don't know what TNG and DS9 are, don't google them. You won't like them if you like the new movie.

Live long and prosper and hope no one makes an alternate time line of your life

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