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Nolan Ryan says he is happy, but ......

148168-650-366The timing is odd, but on the same day the CEO of the Houston Astros resigned, Nolan Ryan decided to talk for the first time in forever to the media.

Nolan is not interested in the job. Or he said, "I don't think so." He added, "I'm sure they will fill it with the right person."

Notice he never said no. He also said he has not talked to Astros owner Jim Crane about the job.

Making his first appearance on a weekly radio show with Star-Telegram columnist and ESPN 103.3 FM radio host Randy Galloway, Nolan downplayed the great fiasco that nearly was with the club this offseason.

Click here to listen to the full, 20-minute interview.

He sounds happy with his job.

"To my knowledge everything is going smoothly. From my perspective it appears to be (good)," Ryan said. "You have good days and bad days. Things come into play that affects your thought process. I guess I would say some days were better than others. I feel like things are going smoothly. I'm going to say things are good, and everybody has a better feel for our different roles are. I would say things are good."

Until Monday, Ryan had not commented on the apparent split of power between Rangers CEO Rick George and GM Jon Daniels. Every previous comment had been through press releases.

A few weeks ago, the team released a statement that said everything had been worked out, and that Ryan was staying on with power. 

"I felt like I needed to visit with Bob Simpson and Ray Davis for their vision of the ballclub was what rolI would play," Ryan said. "We have a much better understanding now than we did this offseason and did in spring training."

It's apparent now that egos were bruised, communication was terrible, assumptions were made, and that Ryan was not happy. He still may not be giddy with the situation because he never said "No" regarding the Astros.

Maybe he is just having some fun with the media.
Maybe this is a leverage ploy.

What matters is that he is here now, and the Rangers are in first place.


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Bob in Arlington

Ryan can't totally happy. Afterall, he was the driving force behind the Rangers sprint to two straight WS appearances. If Crane ponies up big money Ryan may head down I45.

This Rangers team is having power surges and the young starters are starting to feel the .era creep upward.

Only Darvish is still producing consistant good pitching. AND, this "A's" series is a possible tipping point.

One pitching injury and it could get serious in Rangerland.

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