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Oh, good ... college is a ripoff

Student-loans1It's never too early to throw out completely and totally depressing statistics, so along those lines here is some great news regarding the cost/benefit of college. Basically, it's not worth it with the exception of roughly 150 schools.

Former Secretary of Education William Bennett has written a book, "Is College Worth It?" Click here for the link to the book on

As our students rack up burdensome debt, the question is legit because no job can pay off the loans in a reasonable amount of time.

The way Bennett sees it, he thinks there are about 150 schools that are worth the cost. Here is a shock - they are nearly all private.

Even more depressing? Only four of his top 150 are in the great state a Texas.

1. Harvey Mudd College

Here is a look at the prominent schools in Texas and where they rank:
30. Rice
58. Texas A&M (in state tuition)
69. Texas A&M (out of state tuition) 
90. Texas-Austin (in state)
114. Texas-Austin (out of state)
147. SMU
156. Texas Tech (in state)
175. Texas Tech (out of state)
206. Trinity
223. Texas-Dallas (in state)
241. TCU
256. Texas-Dallas (out of state)
273. Baylor
390. Houston (in state)
414. Houston (out of state)
420. St. Mary's
448. Texas-Arlington (in state)
472. Texas-Arlington (out of state) 

Check out this link to that ranks the bang/buck for more than 1,200 colleges in this great country.

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