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Preseason football magazine shows much love for Baylor but not TCU

6a00e553e551d188340120a6140ee7970c-500wiIt's not quite the end of May, which is the perfect time to release all of the 2013 college football preseason publications.
That's right - time to guess who is going to get fired, and who will get their butts kicked by Alabama's semi-pro team in the fake national title game.

Of the many fine preseason publications to consume, a personal favorite remains The Sporting News. This is usually about as good as it gets.

The Sporting News is high on Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Baylor but not so much the TCU Horned Frogs football team. These are the "locals" in TSN's Top 25:

No. 6 Okie State. .... This should make Oklahoma State University team owner T. Boone quite happy.
No. 7 Texas A&M. .... Will not sit well with a fan base that has the Aggies undefeated even after it loses to Alabama.
No. 14 Texas. .... Because no Top 15 is complete without UT.
No. 17 Baylor. .... Wow. They love QB Bryce Petty.
No. 19. Oklahoma. .... This changes if Blake Bell can throw a football.

Where is Fort Worth's favorite purple-clad football team? Not in the Top 25, and sixth in the Big 12.

Images1. OSU
2. Texas
3. Oklahoma
4. Baylor
5. Kansas State
6. TCU
7. Texas Tech
8. Iowa State
9. West Virginia
10. Kansas (they're still in the league?) 

This publication was put together well before TCU suspended Big 12 defensive player of the year Devonte Fields for two games after he violated university/team policy.

It's worth nothing the magazine says of the Big 12: "The next big thing: In TCU's recent history of elite defensive ends, none has the potential and physical ability of Devonte Fields, one of the Big 12's best pass rushers as a freshman last year."

Take some of these publications with a chunk of salt, up to and including the preseason Top 25.

After all, this magazine says that TCU's Trevone Boykin is the best running quarterback in the Big 12. Not bad for a guy who averaged 3.3 yards per carry.

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The picture of the doll is creepy


I'm not worried about what The Sporting News thinks in May. TCU will have the chance in the Fall to show that this publication had it wrong. Go Frogs! In Gary I Trust!


Most of these mags overhyped TCU last year, so this is pretty reasonable. Granted, losing Paschal hurt, but I think TCU mainly proved they can field a competently average Big 12 team.

There is just a lot of parity in the Big 12 right now. In just the 2nd year in the Big 12, TCU doesn't deserve anymore benefit of the doubt more than the other teams.

Outside of Kansas not finishing last, nothing will be that surprising in how the Big 12 finishes.


Maybe the magazine is projecting 1 or 2 TCU starters to be suspended or in drug rehab.



You'd have picked the A&M/Bama game the same way last year, so pardon us if we of maroon persuasion don't get too upset.



Let the national media set the expectations really high for Okie State, Texas, and the others. Just gives Gary Patterson more room to do what he does best.


It's so crazy to think Brice Petty will do well. Only Briles' last 4 quarterbacks in a row have succeeded.


Baylor envy...gotta love it!


Bears will surprise some folks this year. Defense will be much improved.

G shock

My Bears will shock the world!!


TCU still looking for 1st Big 12 home win in football.

eat it mac

As wrong as this publication is, and others, its good to know there is at least one thing we can all agree on; Kansas still sucks.

BOOM BABY!!!!!!!!!!


BOOM BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Kirk

Hey, Mac, have you become so obsessed over Baylor that you are now playing with Bear Barbie dolls?
Seems you are still caught up in the old TCU "noses
out of joint" about the past. Cheer up. The Frogs are
in the Big 12 now are going to be good this year.
Hey, when the church schools are getting this much
attention over the likes of Texas, Oklahoma, et al,
you should be cheering! In my book, there are about
five to six teams who might win the Big-12 this year.
But none of them will go undefeated.


Big 12 = new WAC

Josh Forrest

Baylor got hammered bad last year by our back up QB Boykin. Baylor is only an offense team and always will be. They will NEVER win a big bowl game or a national championship. Defense wins championships and thats why we won the rose bowl. GO FROGS!!!!

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