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Randy is nuts to say the Rangers should deal Jurickson

07_charlie-riedel-apSo the Texas Rangers are in the market for a pitcher is zero surprise, that it's Cliff Lee is.

According to venerable Star-Telegram columnist and loooooong time Texas Rangers observer Randy Galloway, the Rangers and Philadelphia Phillies may have a trade match for Lee, and the name to be included is Jurickson Profar.

No, no, no, no, no .... no.

Randy says you trade Jurickson if you must, but this is where Randy is wrong. The Rangers have more leverage and don't need to include him as part of the trade.

Randy's point is when you are in a position you go for it, which is why the Rangers once trade Blake Beaven and Justin Smoak to Seattle a few years ago to acquire Lee. The same for dealing pitcher Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis to Baltimore from reliever SomethingOrOther Uhura.

The Phillies are going to want a lot because they need able young bodies, but right now their primary concern is dumping Lee's massive contract; the Phillies are on the hook for $62.5 million after this season.

The Rangers have leverage in that they will be doing the Phillies a solid by taking that contract off their books. Make no mistake, the Phillies' primary mission is not prospects as much as it is making huge contracts go away.

The Phillies want that money gone? Fine. Take your pick among this array of young, cheap, talented players not named Jurickson Profar.

IThe conventional baseball logic is a prospect, regardless of how many stars are next to his name, is just that. He is an unproven player. Profar is only 20, and every single sign says he's got it. That's why the Phillies want him.

The Rangers need another stud starting pitcher to make a go at the World Series, which Lee would do, but the Phillies need to dump Lee's massive contract is greater.

Which is why you don't trade Jurickson Profar as part of a deal for Cliff Lee - you don't have to.





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if miami wanted to trade giancarlo for jurickson -- which they wouldn't -- then i say do it. otherwise, not for this deal

jake williams

if any trade is made for lee, it should be kinsler even up for
lee. even at kinsler's salary, the phils would be saving over $20m and could shelve the daily checks on utley's latest
reason for a disappearance. profar is too good to trade for
a pitcher. they only play every 5th day and are so fragile that
they could all be termed dat to day. profar is under control through 2019. galloway hasn't thought this through. no
pitcher and no player guarantees playoff success let alone a trip to the series. baseball is so finely calibrated that once the
playoffs begin, it is a crapshoot.

Jim Merritt

Why even should the Rangers even want Lee? They offered him a VERY good contract but he and his wife did not like the DFW area, make Phili eat a mid level part of his contract and thrown in a couple of minor player, but not Jurickson. They will need this guy if not this season then next season.

Amber H.

For once we agree. We need to keep this kid BUT landing Lee could put us in the hunt for a World Series. We are close. I hope we find a way to get Lee.

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