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RIP Dr. Joyce Brothers, star of Police Squad & The Naked Gun

She was known for far different things, but when I hear Dr. Joyce Brothers I can only think of her cameos in "The Naked Gun" and on the short-lived TV show "Police Squad!"

The good Dr. Brothers died. She was 85.

Brothers made her career as a mass-media pyschologist who made house calls.

She also made several appearances in acting from TV shows to film. As a sports fan, I vividly recall her cameo as a sports announcer in the climatic game between the Anaheim Angels and the Seattle Mariners in the movie, "The Naked Gun."

She was joined by Tim McCarver, Jim Palmer, Curt Gowdy, Dick Vitale, Mel Allen and Dick Enberg as part of the crew that would call the game.

There is also this little known clip in the TV show "Police Squad!" where she visits a shoe shine guy who knows everything about everyone, ever.



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