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Texas A&M just another school spending whatever it can on a football stadium

51817e936c2ad.imageSince logic and common sense vacated the premises on the spending in college athletics roughly 20 years ago, it makes perfect sense that Texas A&M is considering spending about $450 million for a renovated football stadium.

Just when the University of Texas thought its renovated digs at Darrell K. Royal Stadium were going to be grand, the good people wearing the maroon and white have unveiled a plan to make the new Kyle Field large and expensive.

The plan was presented to A&M's board of regents on Wednesday.

Seating capacity would be 102,000 and the price tag on this expansion is $450 million. This project would begin immediately after the 2013 season, or when Johnny Manziel is done playing his last college game. It would be done in time for the start of the 2015 season.

Yes, that means Texas A&M's attendance will be bigger than UT, which currently holds 100,119 proving once and for all that more people can potentially attend a home Aggies game than a UT football game. I think we know some university that has its priorities in order.

But UT wants to expand the stadium again to a capacity of 112,000, so take that. Hopefully by then Texas A&M will have a plan to increase Kyle Field to 113,000.

Seriously. This is insane to spend this much money on a venue that is used six times a year. Maybe eight. It also completely consistent with the rest of the great state a Texas, and the United States.

Baylor-Stadium-2g8ygtwIf you are doing the math ...
* SMU built Ford Field for a cost of $42 million.
* TCU renovated Amon G. Carter Stadium to the price of roughly $164 million.
* Baylor is building a new football stadium just across the Brazos River from campus with a price of $250 million.
* Texas Tech spent roughly $85 million over about a ten year period to upgrade its football stadium.
* Texas A&M wants to do a football stadium that will cost $450 million.
* Houston plans to spend $100 million for a new football venue.
* North Texas spent $78 million on its new digs.
* Texas spent a total of $450 million over a 15 year period to remake all of its athletic facilities.

Also of note, many of these athletic departments are also associated with schools of higher learning. 

It goes right along with the dream of all Division I college athletic programs that have football: If you spend it, they might win, and then they'll come, and then you might break even on the rest of the department.

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