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The keys to throwing out a successful first pitch

DSC_8020_2ARLINGTON, Texas - Should you ever be asked to throw out a first pitch and want to ensure a nice ovation, this is what need to have stand next to you on the mound:

a.) An active member of the U.S. military, who is preferably dressed in full uniform.
b.) Current NBA basketball player Jason Collins.
c.) A cute little 4-year-old girl.

Since I was unable to bring either A or B to the game, my daughter Vivian made the difference between the crowd's response of "Who is the loser with the great hair?" to "What an adorable little girl next to that dork with the fantastic hair."

Many thanks to the good people at the University of Texas-Arlington for inviting me to throw out the first pitch between UTA and Dallas Baptist on Saturday afternoon. This was a bucket list item.

Even more important than my reception was my pitch - right down the middle ... (but about eight inches too high for a strike; I blame the pitching coach and the HGH).

What this picture does not show is that my pitch was clocked at 98, and that no hitter alive or dead could have laid off that heat.

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What kind of pants do you have on in this photo?


Great hair indeed!

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