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Tommy Tuberville is honest about the support he had at Texas Tech

TubervilleTommy Tuberville may leave recruits at the dinner table for a different job, but there are few better friends to the media than the new Cincinnati head football coach.

Tubberville recently sat down for a long chat with Dennis Dobbs of for this interview where he covered a variety of topics from the state of the Big 12, the invtitation of TCU and West Virginia to his replacement in Lubbock - Kliff Kingsbury.

Tuberville told Dobbs: "It's a perfect fit for them, native son, played for Leach. Not that I didn't have support but I didn't have 100 percent support. It just wasn't going to happen."

Nope, which is one of the reasons he left. It may have been the biggest reason he left a Big 12 job for a school that is in something called the American Athletic Conference.

There may not have been a coach alive who could have replaced Mike Leach and would have had the full support of that fan base. That type of support was certainly not going to exist for a guy with Tuberville's background.

Despite his ability to play nice with the media and the alums, Tuberville was not able to win enough games to make people forget about The Pirate. 

As a former Tech player, Kingsbury is going to not only have the full support of all things Tech, but he should be allowed to grow into the job.

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Pirate Nation

it's amazing the guy is still getting paid to coach. he sucks.


I am embarrassed by my fellow so called "fans" for what they did to Tuberville. The man busted his arse on the recruiting trail and that will finally pay off this season under Kingsbury. It is my goal this season to give Tommy all the credit for Texas Tech's success, due to the players he has brought to West Texas.

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